PD in the Pub

 The IEU, in conjunction with the AEU, is pleased to offer free, practical PD sessions aimed at members of the two unions in their first years of employment.

FREE for AEU and IEU student and teacher members in their first few years of teaching.

The topic of the session is Behaviour Management Strategies,  presented by Coby Beatson.

This fast-paced session will give you new strategies to boost your teaching potential. Topics covered include:

  • engaging students through higher-order thinking
  • teaching students skills they need for the future
  • classroom management through student engagement

Coby Beatson has been working in the role of an Educational Consultant for the past six years. Prior to that she was full time in the classroom with a variety of teacher leader roles in schools.

Hobart, Wednesday 23 August, 4.30 - 6.00
Hotel Soho, 124 Davey Street

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