Women’s Rights at Work (WRAW) Chat

Following on from the WRAW Festival in March; the WRAW Chat is an opportunity to gather a group of women: colleagues/ book club/ friends/ netball team and discuss what is and what is not working for us as women at work.

The Chat takes about 45 minutes and we’ll send you a kit which gives you everything you need. If you want us to come and facilitate a chat we could also do that. Get in touch.

WRAW Chat events.

If you are in or around Traralgon, Ballarat, Dandenong or Footscray WRAW chats have been organised and we encourage you to join in and RSVP. For information, visit

WRAW Survey

It is also possible for you to share your experiences and your ideas for change by completing an online survey.

Where to get WRAW chat kits?

We’ll send you a kit which gives you everything you need.

What happens with them?

The IEU will send you a WRAW chat kit in the mail. Once complete the kits are sent to WRAW Chat team at Victorian Trades Hall Council. What you say will feed directly into our Victorian Working Women's Conference in June and our wider Platform for Action. Together we will develop an agenda for change and take action on real issues that affect us.