School Strike 4 Climate - 20 September

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The IEU proudly supports the School Strike 4 Climate movement. Below is an open letter to IEU mmebers from student leaders:

We are writing to you as school students from the SchoolStrike4Climate movement. We want to thank you for your solidarity – the support of unions like the IEU helped mobilise more than 150,000 people across Australia on 15 March and 1.6 million students and supporters worldwide. The Climate Strikes have empowered young people and helped bolster real action to address the climate emergency.

However, Australia’s federal policies still fail to reflect the climate science. The need for our government to take action to prevent catastrophic climate breakdown is becoming increasingly urgent.  

We ask for your support as the teachers and school staff who help guide the future of our generation. We need your help to achieve climate justice. Join us in the struggle for a safe climate and future at the next global Climate Strike, from midday on 20 September. All are welcome, and all are needed.

We are striking because the lives and liberty of our generation and those to come are extremely threatened by the climate crisis. We are striking to demand a safe future for students across the globe, for your children and your grandchildren. We are striking for the protection of our human rights and we are striking for justice for past, present and future victims of the climate emergency.

If we refuse to act, we are complicit in the destruction of lives, of cultures and of our planet. We have a duty to stand up for what is right and demand a safer, more just future for all. There is still time. Right now, we have the majority of the technology necessary to reach net zero emissions, and Australia has the potential to become a renewable energy superpower. All we need is the political will.

Here’s how you can support the strike for climate

  • Join us in the struggle for a safe climate and future at your local Climate Strike on 20 September – and bring your friends, your family and your colleagues!  
  • Support your students by not setting assignments or homework on the day of the strike.
  • Encourage your students to lead in the struggle for climate justice. Give them the space within their school to speak about the strike and to take direct action to take responsibility for their future.
  • Use your voice within the classroom to speak to students about the climate crisis. 
  • Take a workplace solidarity photo to show support for the strike; share it on social media and send it to

Thank you again for your support in the struggle for climate justice. We hope to see you on 20 September at the strike nearest you!

Find the details of your local Climate Strike at