IEU People

The Independent Education Union Victoria Tasmania is served by both a group of officials elected from membership, the Committee of Management, and a number of officers and administration staff employed by IEU Victoria Tasmania.


Committee of Management

The IEU Victoria Tasmania Committee of Management is the executive decision-making body of the union, and is comprised of ten officers elected by and from the entire membership, and ten officers elected by and from different sectoral groups.

The members of the Committee of Management are:

General Secretary Debra James
Deputy Secretary Loretta Cotter
Assistant Secretary David Brear
Assistant Secretary Cathy Hickey
President Mark Williams
Deputy President Elisabeth Buckley
Vic Catholic Primary Council
President Maree Shields
Deputy President Rachel Evans
Vic Catholic Secondary Council
President Stephen Hobday
Deputy President Ruth Pendavingh
Vic Independent Council
President Cara Maxworthy
Deputy President Coralie Taranto
Tasmanian Council
President John Waldock
Deputy President Paul Mannion
Vic Principals' Council
President John Connors
Deputy President Greg Lane
ESS Representative Chris Scott
Ordinary Members Patrick Bennett
Andrew Dunne
Earl James
Heather Macardy
Andrew Wood

IEU Officers

Stephanie Ben
Kylie Busk
Hiba Casablanca
Chris Clarke
Marit Clayton
Michael Cowan
Mark Mitchell
Lou Nicholson
Therese O'Loughlin
Jeremy Oliver
Dino Ottavi
James Rankin
Michael Rooney
Nick Sahlqvist
Simon Schmidt
Maureen Shembrey
Marshall Toohey
Steve Whittington
Denis Matson
Kristen Wischer
Alix Sachinidis
Brian Martin