Joining IEU Victoria Tasmania

Who Can Join

Almost any person who works in non-government education can join IEU Victoria Tasmania. Membership includes teachers, principals, school assistants, clerical and administrative workers, teacher aides, integration aides, library and laboratory technicians, and educational consultants.
Employees who work in an ancillary capacity such as cleaners, grounds and maintenance workers, bus drivers and canteen staff can also join IEU Victoria Tasmania. There are only a few exceptions.  Students currently undertaking a teaching qualification are also eligible to join for free.
If in doubt, please contact IEU Victoria Tasmania.

Industrial Assistance Policy

IEU Victoria Tasmania has a strict industrial assistance policy which can be viewed here.

Why Join IEU Victoria Tasmania

If you work in non-government education it pays to be a member of the union who advances and protects your professional and industrial interests and secures your wages and conditions. Members have access to free legal advice and are covered by IEU Victoria Tasmania's professional indemnity and legal liability insurance.
As well, members can access all the benefits which come with collective purchasing power such as discount health and travel insurance, access to a discount shopping service and discounts on a range of other goods and services.

And don't forget that all union membership fees are tax deductible.

How to Join

All new members must complete the IEU Victoria Tasmania membership form online or on a form which can be obtained:

  • from the IEU Rep at your workplace
  • by downloading the form and mailing / faxing it back to IEU Victoria Tasmania on 03) 9254 1865 
  • by ringing IEU Victoria Tasmania and a form will be sent to you

The membership fee is set each year by the Committee of Management. The sliding scale of fees is tailored to cater for different income levels and several payment options, including a payroll deduction facility in most schools, makes paying your fees easy.

More information on fees and refund policy here

Casual Relief / Emergency Teachers - reciprocal union referral

Under our reciprocal arrangement, casual relief/emergency teachers can join either the Independent Education Union or the Australian Education Union ( or, and are entitled to a referral between unions for advice or assistance if required. CRT/emergency teachers are encouraged to join the union covering the sector (government schools or non-government schools) where they predominantly work.

2021 Fees

category per month quarterly half-yearly annual fee
N1. under $10K $9.05 $27.15 $54.30 $108.60
N2. $10 - $19,999 pa $13.75 $41.25 $82.50 $165.00
N3. $20K - $29,999 pa $22.80 $68.40 $136.80 $273.60
N4. $30K - $39,999 pa $32.35 $97.05 $194.10 $388.20
N5. $40K - $49,999 pa $41.10 $123.30 $246.60 $493.20
N6. $50K - $59,999 pa $48.30 $144.90 $289.80 $579.60
N7. $60K - $69,999 pa $55.65 $166.95 $333.90 $667.80
N8. $70K - $79,999 pa $63.05 $189.15 $378.30 $756.60
N9. $80K - $89,999 pa $70.30 $210.90 $421.80 $843.60
N10. $90K - $109,999 pa $76.70 $230.10 $460.20 $920.40
N11. over $110,000
$79.85 $239.55 $479.10 $958.20
B. 1st Year Graduate
$19.05 $57.15 $114.30 $228.60
C. Casual/Emergency $20.90 $62.70 $125.40 $250.80
A. Associate / Unpaid Leave $7.30 $21.90 $43.80 $87.60
P. Parental Leave $7.30 $21.90 $43.80 $87.60
R. Retired Member Network
$2.25 $6.75 $13.50 $27.00
S. Student Teachers - - - -

Application Form

Information about you is collected by IEU Victoria Tasmania to ensure we have the necessary details to represent your employment and related interests, and to record your union membership.
IEU Victoria Tasmania is bound by the Privacy Act and has developed its own Privacy Code.