Covid-19: What members need to know


The IEU is continuing to strongly advocate across our diverse sector for the workplace safety and employment security of our members throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Please contact us if you have any concerns about employment arrangements at your workplace - you can email us at or send a text to 0480 092 251 to request a call-back.

Anybody working in non-government education in Victoria or Tasmania can join the IEU here



Victorian Catholic Schools - Operations Guide, Term 1 2021

Victorian Government Schools - Operations Guide, Term 1 2021


See these links for updates, guides and recent correspondence.

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Guide to JobKeeper & JobSeeker - August Update


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See here for specific advice for Education Support Staff (in addition to the sector-specific information below)


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IEU Statements regarding the return to campus in Victoria - 11 & 12 May

Tasmanian return to campus timetable

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16 April letter from IEUA to the Prime Minister seeking commitments and clarifications around staff safety, risk management & remote learning arrangements.



1.    Health and Safety advice

Does your workplace have an elected Health and Safety Rep? It's your right to elect one, and they'll be more important than ever in 2020! See our quick guide to HSR elections here, and contact your organiser or for further assistance or advice.

COVID-Aware Workplaces: see our "conversation starter" here and a full kit of information sheets about relevant health and safety matters here.

See this section of the Department of Health website for up-to-date advice as well as information on social distancing, self-isolation and other important topics.

See our guide to workplace safety during the pandemic and as we prepare to return to our workplaces. 

See here for the special resolution passed by IEU Committee of Management on 7 May, with key principles which we believe must underpin the return to on-site schooling.


2.    Government Allowances

See our updated advice sheet on the JobSeeker and JobKeeper allowances.

3.    Victorian Catholic Sector


The IEU has been campaigning for employer commitments across the three Dioceses, both around staff safety and around ensuring that all employees receive their income and entitlements during the COVID-19 outbreak. The IEU strongly maintains that Catholic schools should ensure that there are alternative duties for all employees during any period of remote learning.

For employees in the Diocese of Sale, please read the specific employee conditions that are distinct to the advice from the other three Dioceses.

Relevant Correspondence: 

Employer updates:

4.    Tasmanian Catholic Sector 

In light of the Tasmanian State Government announcement that the school term will end four days earlier, the IEU continues to advocate for an end to the student school term immediately.

IEU Communications:

 Employer updates & correspondence:

5.    Independent Schools 

The IEU has been advocating for commitments from all independent schools to ensure that they are meeting their OHS obligations and are providing financial security to all IEU members. The IEU sent correspondence seeking that all Independent Schools provide 10 days paid leave to staff diagnosed with COVID-19 as well as those caring for someone with COVID-19, the payment of all casuals and relief staff and the good faith commitment that no employees will be financially disadvantaged as a consequence of the School’s management of COVID-19.

We are currently compiling a list of all independent school commitments to employee income and entitlements. If you would like to provide feedback about your school’s management of COVID-19, please email

Relevant Correspondence:

6.    ELICOS

The IEU has been advocating for all Employers to meet their OHS obligational and provide opportunities for all staff to teach students remotely.

Casual ELICOS teachers who are suffering financial hardship should contact the IEU torequest a membership fee waiver: email

Relevant Correspondence:

Employer updates:

7.    Casual Relief Teachers

MEMBERSHIP FEE WAIVER: Effective 24 March 2020, the IEU is granting IEU membership fee waivers to all Casual Relief Teachers until our schools return to normal operation. We will not charge any CRT membership fees until further notice, and if you have paid in advance we will process a refund of up to three months' fees.

You will continue to receive our full membership service and all member benefits, and we will continue to advocate for you during this difficult time.

This fee waiver will also apply to new CRT members – join online here (due to the operation of our online join system you will have to enter payment details, but any payments made will be refunded).

Relevant Correspondence:

8.    Stand Down of employees

See our advice around stand-downs in schools here

See our stand-down flow-chart overview here

The IEU believes that no school employee including casual relief teachers or support staff should be stood down within a Victorian or Tasmanian school. More than ever, students require the valuable assistance of all education staff. Remote learning provides new challenges, for which all employees are vitally important to provide support to all students, particularly those that are vulnerable. The IEU has been advocating for any employees with whom stand down has been threatened. If you work for a school and your employer has threatened to stand you down, please contact the IEU.

For more information about the circumstances that could lead to a stand down, please see the FWO site:


9.    Working from home

See our advice around working from home here