Tasmanian students to return to learning at school

The Tasmanian Minister for Education has announced a timeline for a return to learning at school. While the current advice remains that the best place for students to learn is currently at home if they can be supervised and supported to do so, Public Health advice continues to be that our school sites are safe for students and staff.

The Minister's message to parents includes: "It is very important that, unless you cannot supervise or support your child to learn at home, that you do not send your child to school until the set dates, to support Public Health in the staged easing of restrictions. This is vital in our plan to keep our communities safe."

There is now a staged timeline in place to re-open Tasmanian Government schools by early June.  The timeline is hoped to provide sufficient time and clarity for students, teachers and families to prepare for the change and to get the youngest and senior secondary learners back to face-to-face learning first, where learning is at greatest risk from an extended period of learning at home.

From Monday May 25 2020:

  • Kindergarten to Year 6 students will return to learning at school
  • All Year 11 and 12 students return to learning at school (including Extension Schools).
  • Students in Year 7 to 10 will continue to learn at home.

From Tuesday June 9 2020:

  • Year 7-10 students (all remaining students) will return to learning at school

School holidays will commence on 6 July.

The Department of Education is working closely with Public Health and is undertaking a large amount of work to support students, schools, and families to return to the classroom. Further information will be provided to schools as everyone works toward the return date.