ELICOS - Getting Organised!

V9N5 - October 2019

The IEU has employed an organiser part-time to help us visit English Language Colleges, recruit new members and create networks to build our capacity to improve wages and entitlements in ELICOS.

Sadia Schneider is our great IEU rep at Kaplan English and knows what it is like for ELICOS teachers – the good, the bad and the ugly. Sadia is keen to help members improve the industry and win more respect and better conditions for teachers. If you work in ELICOS or have contacts who teach English to overseas students in colleges – Sadia is keen to hear from you – 03 9254 1860.

The IEU has put together an advice sheet for ELICOS teachers covering issues that we’re often asked about. Pay, classification, advancement up the pay scale, rights for casual and sessional teachers, conversion to ongoing, contracts of employment and Superannuation.  We’ve also made a flyer – ‘6 reasons to join the IEU’ to encourage non-members to join. Contact us if you have any questions and/or would like hard copies for you and your colleagues.

We’re only at the beginning, and we need your help!

We want to know what issues matter to you and how we can help fight for an ELICOS industry based on fair pay, conditions and respect.

So far this year we’ve organised two successful ELICOS IEU events with 50+ people and we are planning another for October. We’ve secured one Enterprise Agreement with improvements in pay and conditions and are bargaining at two other schools. We’ve spoken to teachers about the IEU at café meetings at another three schools with more to come. We’re also helping individual members follow up entitlements and pay. We want to do more and we welcome your suggestions – please get in touch!