Privacy Policy

IEU Victoria Tasmania is bound by the federal Privacy Act.

In accordance with the provisions of the Act, members are advised of the following:

  1. The information collected on the Membership Application form and the Change of Details form is for the purpose of processing membership applications and providing membership services to members.
  2. The information held by IEU Victoria Tasmania may be disclosed under the provisions of the Industrial Relations Act 1999 and the Workplace Relations Act 1996 to organisations authorised under that legislation to collect such information, namely the relevant industrial relations commission and relevant electoral commission for the purpose of any union election.
  3. IEU Victoria Tasmania is committed to secure storage of and control of access to personal information by the union and any other organisation with which it deals.
  4. More detailed information is collected where the union is assisting members with individual cases. None of this information is passed on to any other party without the express consent of the member.
  5. IEU Victoria Tasmania passes limited information to certain individuals or organisations as follows:
    - Where a member has requested a service available only to members we will certify that the person is a member (eg. Union Shopper, Teachers Federation Health).
    - Where our publications are mailed to members by a mailing house address labels will be provided on the strict undertaking that the mailing house will not use them for any other purpose.
    - Where members choose to pay fees by payroll deduction their written authority will be posted to their school pay office initially and then an annual list with their name and fee category will be sent to their school pay office.
    - Sub-branch reps will be provided with a list of members who belong to their sub-branch so that they can conduct meetings of members and distribute materials sent to them to give to members in their sub-branch.
  6. A member can contact the union to view information held about that member and may correct any inaccuracies.