Statement of Values

The Independent Education Union Victoria Tasmania has prepared this statement of values in order to guide the work of the union and its officers and representatives.

As the union representing staff in Victorian and Tasmanian non-government education, our chief goal is to continually improve the wages, conditions and job security of employees working in our sector and to improve the status of teachers and those working in education.

We are also called on to vote, provide feedback and comment on a range of other issues. We realise that the range of values and beliefs of IEU members on many issues will be as diverse as our membership.  With this in mind, we have formulated this statement of values to hopefully reflect areas of broad consensus among members.

Section 1 - Fairness, Equality & Opportunity In The Community

The IEU believes:

1.1 in a democratic Australia, which values all citizens.
1.2 in the right of all citizens to employment and a decent standard of living, and to a fair share of the nation’s wealth.
1.3 that every Australian must have access to free, quality public health care, education and aged care, regardless of their socio-economic circumstances.
1.4 that families and individuals must be guaranteed decent minimum living standards through the social security and taxation systems.
1.5 that all Australians must have access to decent and affordable housing.
1.6 in the right of all Australians to a secure and dignified retirement.
1.7 that indigenous Australians are the original owners of our land, and that reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians is a vital goal.
1.8 in a multi-cultural and multi-faith tolerant Australia.
1.9 that all Australians must be treated equally by the law and have access to legal representation as a right.
1.10 in sustainable development that protects our environment.
1.11 that governments have a central role in ensuring fairness, equality and opportunity throughout the community.
1.12 in promoting peace and peaceful resolution of conflict.
1.13 that discrimination in all forms including that based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, marital status, sexual preference and political beliefs is unacceptable and should be opposed.
1.14 in Australia’s independent participation in international cooperation to promote peace, security, human rights, labour standards and prosperity through fair trading arrangements.

Section 2 - Security & Fairness In The Workplace

The IEU believes:

2.1 that workplaces should be safe, secure, healthy and free of harassment, intimidation, violence and discrimination.
2.2 that workers have a right to a decent wage and fair working conditions.
2.3 that all workers have a right to secure employment and protection against unfair dismissal or unfair treatment by the employer.
2.4 that workers have the right to join and be represented by a union.
2.5 that all employees have the right to collectively bargain.
2.6 that workers have the right to withdraw their labour.
2.7 that workplace union representatives should have rights enabling them to carry out their role.
2.8 that unions have the right to recruit, organise and represent workers.
2.9 that workers should be consulted and informed about issues affecting their employment.
2.10 that Australian businesses and their executives have a responsibility to engage in legal and ethical conduct and environmentally sustainable practices at all times with employees, stakeholders and the community.
2.11 that working parents must have access to good quality, affordable childcare.
2.12 that working parents have a right to employment standards that enable them to manage work and family.
2.13 that working parents must have the time and opportunity to form and maintain relationships with their children that foster the child’s development.
2.14 that workers must have the time and opportunity to meet their responsibilities for those that they have carer responsibilities for.
2.15 that officers and representatives of the IEU should conduct themselves in a manner consistent with this Statement of IEU Values.


Section 3 - The Education Sector

The IEU believes:

3.1 in a strong, well-resourced and viable public education system.
3.2 that parents and communities have the right to establish non-government schools.
3.3 that new schools should only be opened and funded where a demonstrated need exists, where the opening of the school would not severely impact on existing schools and where the school can demonstrate that it is financially and educationally viable.
3.4 that governments have a responsibility to provide funding to non-government schools and this should be provided to schools on the basis of need.
3.5 that non-government schools are, and should be, accountable to the Australian community and governments to ensure that appropriate educational and industrial standards are being met.
3.6 that the students who attend non-government schools receive quality education that is consistent with state curriculum and national goals and expectations of schooling.
3.7 that staff employed in non-government education are entitled to the same industrial and legal rights as all Australian employees, including full protection under Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity laws.
3.8 that education involves a partnership between teachers, other school staff, students, parents, school employers, communities, business, system authorities and governments. This partnership recognises the expert knowledge and professionalism of education staff and respects the legitimate interests and rights of other members of the partnership. This partnership can only be successful if respectful relationships are established and fostered between all parties.