• NAPLAN online concerns

    Both the IEU and the AEU remain seriously concerned about the reported ongoing problems with the NAPLAN online data. The credibility of both the NAPLAN online test and NAPLAN more broadly has been seriously undermined by the reports of the lack of comparability between online and paper tests. It is clear that it will be impossible for schools and parents to have any confidence in the data if and when it is released. » more
  • Empowering educational goals for all young Australians

    We would all agree that we need to refocus our efforts, and our shared commitment, to advance the Melbourne Declaration goals in the interests of the public good and every young Australian. » more
  • IEU Speaks on Gonski

    The IEUA calls on Education Ministers to commit to genuine collaboration with the teaching profession, support staff and their union to deliver real and increased resources and capacity to schools. » more
  • Audit

    The financial statements of the Independent Education Union Victoria Tasmania for the year ending 31 January 2018 are available to members. » more
  • ME Bank

    Looking for free ATMs, a home loan discount or a term deposit bonus? These are three ways that ME is making life even better for union members. » more
  • Got 20? IEU PD and Training

    Have you got 20 hours of PD for your VIT registration renewal? Or are you career planning or just want to improve your skillset? Visit our Training page for information. » more
  • Women's Rights at Work (WRAW) Chat

    The WRAW Chat is an opportunity to gather a group of women and discuss what is and what is not working for us as women at work. » more
  • Beginning Teachers

    Starting out in your first teaching job? Check out our new Beginning Teachers Guide for advice on contracts, induction, employment conditions, VIT registration and more! » more


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